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Social responsability

We are committed to actively and voluntarily contributing to society with useful products to protect and conserve the environment.


Municipal Committee of Solid Waste of Bacalar

We collaborate in the process of designing education campaigns for the sustainable management of waste that promote the appropriation of best practices. In addition, we contribute to the construction of the Program for the Integral Management of Solid Waste for the municipality of Bacalar. This project arises as an initiative of organized civil society, and is supported by the institutional framework of the Municipal Government.


PROTUR-Geo Alternative

We support the revision and edition of the Common Management Program for Tourist Use in the Bacalar Lagoon, Quintana Roo "(PROTUR) Go to link.


Agua Clara, Citizens for Bacalar

We participate in the compilation and synthesis of available information on the ecology, water quality , tourism, social component, change in land use, pollution and legal regulations of the Bacalar Lagoon.

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