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We offer specialized courses in the following topics:


  • AGRRA - Reef Health Monitoring

  • Coral reef ecology and management strategies

  • Identification and monitoring of bleaching and coral diseases

  • CRYSTAL   - Tool for community risk identification: adaptation and livelihoods

  • FIPAT - Tool for the Analysis of Food Security Policies and Indicators

  • Environmental education

  • Participatory tools for local empowerment


Among other topics, we are flexible and multifaceted and we can generate a product that meets your needs.

Reef Monitoring

We collaborate to train diver teams that evaluate the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System with the Caribbean and Gulf Rapid Coral Reef Assessment Protocol ( AGRRA ) in conjunction with Healthy Reefs for Healthy People - HRI. Also, we support with punctual monitoring in Honduras and / or Mexico every 2 years so that they are incorporated in the SAM report cards.


Courses provided

  • Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras 2016

        ( Coral Reef Alliance -HRI)

  • Akumal, Mexico, 2016 (HRI)

  • Akumal, Mexico, 2018 (HRI)

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